Looking for Worms Armageddon maps? Almost all of the hits my website gets leads to this page, which is just a crappy host page for the small number of maps I made. If you want a really extensive database of awesome maps, visit The Worms Map Database , I think you're more likely to find what you're looking for there.

This place is a dump for my maps n' stuff for Worms Armageddon. I'll get around to making it a proper looking page eventually, but for now, it's just basic because I can't be bothered yet.

They're also sorted by scheme type, but as there's currently only one of each, it's hardly fascinating stuff. If it's a .png map, right-click it and choose save as. If it's a .BIT, then it should download automatically. Place them in your saved levels folder. If it's a scheme file, save it into your User/Schemes folder

Trench Warfare
Trench Warfare
Trench Warfare (png map)

Trench Warfare Scheme File

Trench Warfare Scheme File (skipwalk version)

   Trench Warfare is a scheme I designed myself. Crates only drop inside the two drop zones, so players have to try and defend the drop zones to stop other players from gaining access to the weapons. It's designed for 3-4 players and 12 worms maximum, but it can accomidate more players. Playing with just 2 teams is pointless.
   Players begin by placing worms in the dead-ends where the arrows are. You may place a worm in any dead-end, provided it is not already occupied. After that, anything goes. You can use mines, petrol bombs, and even good old fashioned "stand in the way" tactics to block your opponents. Bear in mind that the mines and petrol bombs you begin with are designed to be used for defensive purposes and are considerably powered down. The crates only ever contain single ammo weapons, but each weapon is capable of dealing 60 points of damage, if not more.
   After 5 minutes, Sudden Death will occur, but it's only purpose is to disable worm select at the begining of turns.
   There are 2 versions of the scheme available, the second version has a lower turn time to allow for a faster game if players skipwalk.

Bow and Arrow
Fruit BnA
Fruit BnA (png map)

HoppaShoppa Cave
HoppaShoppa Cave (png map)

Rope race
Construction RR
Construction RR (png map)

Moon Station w3w
Moon Station w3w (png map)

Roper (or Proper)
NoHoper Roper
No-Hoper Roper (BIT map)